About Marquardt A FEW WORDS ABOUT US

With more than 30 years practice in the building industry, and significant project management experience, Marquardt Constructions has successfully delivered a diverse range of building projects to clients in Armidale and surrounding areas. Being fully licenced and insured it means we can handle the simplest of building repairs right through to the most complex of architecturally designed homes or commercial and heritage designed buildings. We also have a proven track record with suppliers and a broad knowledge of building techniques. As an accredited HIA Greensmart Professional we are trained to offer guidance and information on solar passive design and can advise clients of products and procedures to help in reducing our carbon footprint. You can find more information on HIA Greensmart Professionals and their services at www.hia.com.au.

A Skilled Team

With a team of skilled professionals committed to handling your building project with the utmost competence and care, Marquardt Constructions is able to efficiently progress several projects at once with targeted timeframes. To ensure that your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible we can also offer the services of a group of highly skilled sub-contractors, or work in comfortably with your own preferred suppliers.

Professional Delivery

At Marquardt Constructions we will do our utmost to ensure your contract comes in on time and in line with budget expectations. We understand the value of communication and, depending on your needs, can be involved from the concept design stage, through to demolition, construction and finishing stages. At every step of the way, Marquardt Constructions will adopt a problem-solving approach to ensure practical and cost effective solutions are found to deliver your vision.

Customer Focused

Marquardt Constructions understands that residential and commercial clients have different needs. Sound project management and communication are key to a successful relationship, particularly when the client is often absent from the project site. Marquardt Constructions builder’s team will endeavour to make the project as stress-free as possible, managing the expectations of neighbouring residences, businesses and / or tenants, minimising the impact on the general public and ensuring the site is maintained professionally.

Committed to Health & Safety

Minimising disruption to the client, and upholding standards and safety on site are top of mind concerns. Marquardt Constructions is also adept at managing the added complexities of light commercial projects – public safety requirements, additional compliances, and specialised sub-contractors.


Distinctive Craftsmanship & Quality

Marquardt Constructions delivers superior concepts by ensuring that every detail is sympathetic to the image you are trying to present, and by completing your project to a high standard of finishing. We are able to effectively liaise between you and your designer to ensure optimal results are achieved every time. With an eye for detail and design, Marquardt Constructions can confidently translate a client’s brief and a designer’s plan to ensure a practical and cost effective solution is implemented that delivers aesthetically on the vision. We are also able to source building components, materials and fittings that cater for all styles, budgets and tastes to compliment your design.